What is ActLucky?

ActLucky.com is about live music in your town. Unlike many music-oriented websites that stick to showcasing live music events at bigger venues, ActLucky.com features all local venues on an interactive music calendar. ActLucky.com was born out of a love of live music and the frustration of not knowing where to go see it. As a music fan, you can travel to any city in America and be taken to the live music of that town. If you’re looking for an arena show or a small live music bar down the street from your hotel, they are all accessible at ActLucky.com. The interactive events calendar on the front page allows every music fan the chance to look at a profile page of the music venue or the musical act that is performing. So before you set out on your quest to find live music, you will already know where to go and who you are going to see. No other music website is dedicated to live and local music like ActLucky.com.

As a venue owner or a musician, you do not need to worry that your space is not the Enormodome and or that you do not have the following of Beyonce. Instead, ActLucky.com gives both venues and bands the opportunity to showcase themselves on a level that plays no favorites. Your venue or your music will be placed on the live music calendar right next to the stadium show featuring the Rolling Stones. All venues and musicians have to do is sign-up and create an account. It’s FREE!! Thus, this is not a hard decision to make. Your account will give you your own profile page that you populate much like a social media page. Your profile can feature your own live music calendar, videos, photos, menus, setlists, etc. It’s up to you to decide what is on your profile page. The bonus is that each and every profile page can be accessed via the ActLucky.com live music calendar homepage. As such, if a music fan wants to know more about your venue or your music, then they can click your name on the live music calendar homepage and instantly be taken to your profile page in order to learn more about you.

As a bonus, ActLucky.com can be used as a booking tool. Our site allows venues and bands to easily book shows with one another and once the gig is approved, it populates ActLucky.com’s live music calendar as well as your profile page’s personal calendar. Imagine a music world with no double-bookings. It is actually possible if you book through ActLucky.com. What a wonderful world it would be if there were no double-bookings!

What are you waiting for? Sign-up your venue or musical act today. There is no fee. ActLucky.com is your live music playground. Enjoy!